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WI-FI GSM Security Alarm System G90B

Brand: GSM Security Alarm System
Product Code: WI-FI GSM G90B
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GSM Security Alarm System


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 Alarm WI-FI GSM G90B is a modern wireless ready security solution for home, office, etc.
Controlled territory breaks into 4 wired and 96 wireless zones.
In the central panel is integrated battery for autonomous operation of the system.
Remote control of home appliances. (4 channels)
When triggered, it sends an SMS message to preprogrammed phone numbers or carries a phone call.
Arm and disarm the alarm system with GSM protection is done by remote control or mobile phone.
 G90B convenient way that you can remotely monitor your home / office, etc., and the ability to manage IP cameras, RFID devices and a reminder not behind closed doors / windows, greatly expands the possibilities of alarm.
View IP-camera on the phone.
RFID wireless keyboard support doorbell function.
On the front panel keypad and LCD display for easy configuration management and menu navigation.
Connection and operation via WI-FI, GSM, GPRS networks.
Reminder not closed windows / doors.
Applications for iOS and Android to manage the system (available in the AppStore and Play Market).
Scanning a QR-code on the APP page for the administrator.
Management of IP cameras smartphone applications and RFID devices.
Integrated wireless alarm system.
Elegantly designed with a simple user interface.
Changes the name of security zones.
Independent zone (for administrator only).
Sending messages from the application to the system module (voice and text).
 Sound cues.
LCD screen with a calendar.
Easily connect wireless sensors.
Digital recording: record voice messages within 10 seconds that you can later edit.
Wireless encryption.
96 wireless alarm zones.
4 wired alarm zones.
GSM VOICE (multi) and SMS alerts.
Remote monitoring the sound in the distance.
Notification is turned off and turned on the AC.
Backup power.
Methods arming: remote control, a keyboard terminal, GSM mobile phone.
Button "panic".
Compatible with CCC safety standards and national standard GB12663-2001
 Working in networks WI-FI and GSM 900/1800/1900:
• Feedback
• Monitoring / environment wiretapping
• The alarm message: SMS or call
• Arm / Disarm Remote Control
• Arm / disarm the system via the call (DTMF)
• Arm / disarm by SMS
• 4 alarm grupy rooms
• 6 rooms for the messages about arming / disarming
• 7 programmable text messages
• Voice Alert
• Backup power supply (battery life up to 8 hours)
1. The central unit - 1 pc
2. to manage Charms - 2 pcs
3. Wireless sensors open the door / window - 1 pc
4. Wireless infrared motion sensor - 1 pc
5. Wired siren - 1 pc
6. Power Supply - 1 pc
7. Operating Instructions - 1 pc
 Instructions for programming the alarm: https://goo.gl/GMmGdD
Security systems
The number of mobile numbers for dial-up warning: 4
The number of mobile numbers for SMS alerts: 6
Number of wireless sensors: 96
Number of wire sensors: 4
Maximum distance to the sensor (m.): 100
The frequency of wireless sensors (MHz.): 433
Frequency in GSM networks (MHz): 900/1800/1900
The capacity of the internal battery (MAh): 1750
Supply voltage (V.): 12
Support WI-FI network: Yes
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