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GSM Security Alarm System G

Brand: GSM Security Alarm System
Product Code: GSM Security Alarm System G
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GSM Security Alarm System


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Multi-functional security system professionally capable to ensure the safety of your apartment, cottage, office.

System features:

- 4 wired and 25 wireless zones of protection;

- Six dialing phone numbers: when triggered alarm system will dial these numbers;

- Three non-SMS: when triggered alarm system will send an SMS to these numbers;

- Built-in speaker, prompter; (English)

- Ability to use the system as a telephone;

- Setting and disarming by SMS or phone call;

- SOS, FIRE, GAS, DOOR, hall, window, balcony and trespass signals;

- Real-time, delay, 24 hours, bypass zones of protection, if necessary;

- Support for wireless devices, a simple mode of adding new wireless devices;

- Remote control via mobile phone;

- SMS message when a power failure and restoration;

- Built-in AAA NI-HI rechargeable battery (it lasts up to 7 hours without recharging)

- The range of the wireless sensors to 12 m

- The range of the wireless remote controls up to 100 meters

contents of delivery:

1 sht.- main module GSM Alarm System
1 Additional sht.-. antenna for GSM module
1 sht.- sensor opening doors / windows
1 sht.- Infrared Motion Sensor
2 sht.- Remote Control
1 sht.- Siren
1 sht.- AC Adapter


Security systems
The number of mobile numbers for dial-up warning: 6
The number of mobile numbers for SMS alerts: 3
Number of wireless sensors: 25
Number of wire sensors: 4
Maximum distance to the sensor (m.): 100
The frequency of wireless sensors (MHz.): 315/433MHz, PT2262/EV1527, 4.7MΩ
Frequency in GSM networks (MHz): 900/ 1800/ 1900
The capacity of the internal battery (MAh): 1000
Supply voltage (V.): 12
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