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GSM PSTN Security Alarm System KERUI G8218

Brand: KERUI
Product Code: GSM PSTN KERUI G8218
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Multifunctional security-fire GSM alarm KERUI maximum set of features.

The system is controlled from anywhere in the world directly from your Android or iOS smartphone.
Works in any GSM network operators as well as cable can be connected to the fixed telephone line (PSTN / ADSL).
The kit includes a motion sensor and the sensor opening, when triggered, the system immediately notifies the owner of the penetration.

If necessary, it can be complemented GSM security system with additional sensors as wireless (up to 150 pieces) and wire (2 wired zones).

In the case of the central panel has mounted siren also has a connector for additional external siren.

The color display shows the operating modes and simplifies the system configuration.

Also, thanks to the display, you can view the event log: Time and area of ​​operation, while arming / disarming and so forth.

In a sudden power failure, power is supplied from the internal battery, which is enough capacity for autonomous operation up to 48 hours.

GSM connection. Alarms alert the owner wherever he was!

GSM-alarm signaling KERUI will work anywhere where available signal of mobile operator.

Alarm works with all Ukrainian GSM operators in particular Kyivstar, Life and MTS, which allows you to select the most appropriate in accordance with the personal preferences of the owner.

To calculate the cost of the service is to be understood that the signal can be controlled in various ways: by phone call, SMS message or by an application on a smartphone.

- Integrated wireless alarm system.
- Elegant design with a simple user interface.
- LCD color screen with a calendar.
- Easily connect wireless sensors.
- Digital recording - record voice messages for 10 seconds, which can be later edited.
- 99 wireless zones alarm
- 8 wired alarm zones
- 4-sensor in an area of ​​150 150 sensors and remote controls.
- GSM voice (multi) and SMS alerts.
- Remote monitoring the sound in the distance.
- Speakerphone.
- Backup power
- Ways of arming: remote control, keyboard, terminal, a mobile phone GSM.
- The "panic."
- Compatible with safety standards and CCC national standard GB12663

Work in the GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz networks:
• Feedback
• Monitoring / wiretapping environment
• The alarm message: SMS or Call
• Arm / Disarm Remote Control
• Arm / disarm the system via the call (DTMF)
• Arm / disarm by SMS
• 4 alarm group numbers
• Non-reporting of arming / disarming
• 7 programmable text messages
• Voice alert
• 100 wireless sensors (each zone is connected to up to 4 sensors)
• Backup power supply (standalone operation up to 48 hours)


1 sht.- central unit
2 sht.- Metal keychains management
1 sht.- Wireless sensors opening the door / window
1 sht.- wireless infrared motion sensor
1 sht.- Wired indoor siren
1 sht.- Power Supply
1 sht.- Instructions

Security systems
The number of mobile numbers for dial-up warning: 6
The number of mobile numbers for SMS alerts: 6
Number of wireless sensors: 99
Number of wire sensors: 2
Maximum distance to the sensor (m.): 100
The frequency of wireless sensors (MHz.): 433
Frequency in GSM networks (MHz): 900/1800/1900
The capacity of the internal battery (MAh): 1500
Supply voltage (V.): 12
Support PSTN network: Yes
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