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Security Alarm System GSM KERUI F14

Brand: KERUI
Product Code: GSM KERUI F14
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GSM alarm system stability and reliability, the 2.4- inch color screen , touch pad , built a powerful siren .
Automatic voice prompts or SMS messages .
Compatible with wireless PER sensors , door sensor , smoke detector , gas detector , panic button etc .
It is used in homes , factories , schools , stores , villas and residential areas to ensure the protection of assets.


TFT big screen , GSM network support 20 RFID-cards ( electronic keys )
Support 20 smart sockets for controlling appliances ( smart home ) .
Android / IOS App , SMS message, call your phone , remote control system

On the main panel, low battery detector. 99 zones and 8 zone types, the option to turn on / off the siren in each zone. 4 kinds of settings for the scheduled arm / disarm / stay at home and zone / day / time function. Security system has the ability to report with a call processing signaling to 6 phone numbers and sending SMS to 3 numbers. Connect 99 wireless sensors and 99 remote controls. Showing latest 99/99 removal and alarm recording. 10 sec. automatic message recording with built-in artificial voice (Russian). So that the user can know the location and the zone alarm when it receives the signal call remotely.

When a sudden power failure, power is supplied from the internal battery, the capacity of which is sufficient for battery life up to 12 hours. SMS message notifies the user when the power is turned off. Built siren 7 modes adjust the voice volume, connect an optional external wireless / wired siren. 2 groups of CID numbers. Compatible with the international network protocol. Remote monitoring the sound in the distance. Speakerphone.

Contents of delivery:
1 sht.- GSM Alarm Main unit 6 sht.- opening Door / Window Sensors 6 sht.- Infrared Motion Sensor 1 sht.- Wireless smoke detector 3 sht.- Remote Control 1 sht.- flashing siren 2 sht.- RFID 1 sht.- AC Adapter



Security systems
The number of mobile numbers for dial-up warning: 8
The number of mobile numbers for SMS alerts: 8
Number of wireless sensors: 99
Number of wire sensors: 4
Maximum distance to the sensor (m.): 100
The frequency of wireless sensors (MHz.): 433
Frequency in GSM networks (MHz): 850/900/1800/1900
The capacity of the internal battery (MAh): 2000
Supply voltage (V.): 12
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