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GSM Alarm System set of A12

Brand: GSM Security Alarm System
Product Code: GSM Alarm System комплект А12
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GSM Security Alarm System


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Wireless GSM Alarm System "Security Alarm System" is designed to protect houses, apartments, offices, warehouses, garages, shopping halls, pavilions.

The principle of operation is based on the transmission signal by radio.

In protected areas the sensors: the motion for the opening of doors and windows, to broken windows, smoke.

When sensor is triggered, the alarm is transmitted to a receiving device over the air (the wires are not used).

The receiving device includes a siren, promptly notify the owner via SMS messages or phone calls to numbers on the dangers arising in the protected area.

System Specifications

8 wired and 100 wireless zones of protection;

LCD display with clock;

The three groups to arm and disarm schedule;

Six dialing phone numbers: when triggered alarm system will dial these numbers;

Three non-SMS: when triggered alarm system will send an SMS to these numbers;

10-second message, which can be written;

Built-in speaker, prompter; (English)

Built-in voice messages; (English)

The possibility of using the system as a telephone;

The ability to control one button: Out Arm, Home Arm, Remote Arm;

Setting and disarming by SMS or phone call;

SOS, FIRE, GAS, DOOR, hall, window, balcony and trespass signals;

Real-time, delay, 24 hours, bypass zones of protection, if necessary;

Support for wireless devices, a simple mode of adding new wireless devices;

Remote control Arm, Disarm, Monitor, and Intercom by phone;

An SMS message when a power failure and restoration;

Built-in AAA NI-HI rechargeable battery (up to 10 hours without recharging)


contents of delivery

1 sht.- System unit

2 sht.- Pul remote control

1 sht.- Siren

1 sht.- motion sensor (IR)

1 sht.- Door Sensor

1 sht.- Power Supply

1 sht.- Wireless smoke detector

1 sht.- Manual



Security systems
The number of mobile numbers for dial-up warning: 6
The number of mobile numbers for SMS alerts: 3
Number of wireless sensors: 100
Number of wire sensors: 8
Maximum distance to the sensor (m.): 100
The frequency of wireless sensors (MHz.): 315/433MHz, PT2262/EV1527, 4.7MΩ
Frequency in GSM networks (MHz): 900/ 1800/ 1900
The capacity of the internal battery (MAh): 1000
Supply voltage (V.): 12
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